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Holistic Health Solutions from Real Medicine center.

At Real Medicine Center of , we are committed to improving total wellness by offering programs and services dedicated to assessing and treating the nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients. Integrative Medicine is a whole-person, relationship based model of care that uses a multi-disciplinary approach. Designed to create the best path of healthcare for each individual, integrative medicine combines conventional western practices with alternative and holistic therapies. One visit to our facility and you will better understand the mind-body connection, and how we can improve the results of your current wellness plan.

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Help With Choices

Overwhelmed by Holistic Health Options? How to find the best path to health and wellness The holistic health field is booming. We hear about – and see advertisements for—dozens and dozens of techniques, modalities, facilities, and products. We KNOW we want to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH. But let’s be frank with Read More

Quantum Reflex Analysis

This is a bio-communication technique that equates to your body talking to you! It is a highly effective method of testing your body’s key organs and glands to analyze their energy / output levels. This incredible testing gives a wealth of information to your health practitioner.

People who experience QRA are amazed by the results. At Real Medicine, we can almost GUARANTEE that you’ll notice more energy and reduction in health symptoms after just two sessions at our facility.

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Our program – and the wellness success of our clients – includes the use of the highest quality, filler-free, organic, 100% natural products, including oils, vitamin and mineral supplements, capsules, powders, and sprays – enzymes, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, and pharmacy-grade neutraceuticals.

All of these products are from Live Sources – no synthetics. They are excipient-free (inactive substances).

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Real Medicine provides BioFeedback Therapy. What’s that? Well, imagine if you could actually influence – have some level of control over – things like your heart rate and blood pressure, muscle tension, headaches, and other involuntary aspects of your body? Biofeedback allows you to do just that, to the great benefit of your health.

You know how powerful your mind is. Biofeedback harnesses that power and uses it to positively affect the body’s responses to things like stress and the environment.

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Eliminate Chronic Infections

Eliminate Chronic Infections Most Americans are chronically ill

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Detoxify the Body

Detoxify the Body The liver is our body’s main detoxification and filtering organ.

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Restore Alkaline pH

Restore an Alkaline Body pH Through the use of living-source minerals and synergists

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Stabilize Hormone Balance

Stabilize Hormone Balance With clinically proven Organ-Gland targeted nutraceuticals

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Our Team


Peter Amato, Ph.D

Peter Amato’s life has been one of transformation, growth and change. His initial career operating a family chain of automotive companies created an astute business acumen and subsequent wealth at an early age. The material perks were not ultimately sustaining and Peter’s inner desire to

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Stacy E. Musselman

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Stacy E. Musselman holds a Master’s Degree in Natural medicine from Quantum University, 2016. Her Doctorate & PHD in Natural Medicine from Quantum University is in progress. She also holds a Master’s in Exercise Science and Nutrition from the Optimal Performance Institute, 2011.

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Dr.Nate Kaner

Dr Nathan Kaner, a 2001 graduate of Life Chiropractic University, is the Director of Another Level Health Chiropractic Center. He has dedicated his career to the philosophy that preventative health care is the key to maintaining the quality of life each one of us desires, utilizing his background in fitness, rehabilitation and nutrition in combination with physiotherapy, massage therapy and solid chiropractic care.

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