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Educate yourself and ensure that you discover and follow the best health and lifestyle plan for you, by working with Health Life Coach Peter Amato.


Peter Amato is an experienced personal coach who is passionate about helping people! He works with men and women who are striving for a better work-home life balance, or having difficulty with relationships, or suffering from the effects of stress – and maybe experiencing all three of these things.


When life circumstances become stressful to the point of seeking help, focusing on a new strategy for living, with a coach who supports your growth, can make a difference.


Peter Amato gives you the best of both worlds – in one practitioner. You benefit from a skilled Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, with 20 years of experience. Peter’s mission is to educate and empower others to make their absolute best wellness and nutrition choices.


He also facilitates your ability to transform your GOALS to ACTIONS that get you where you want to be! For every client, he fosters a deep connection with their own truths and core essence. He also wakens or enhances their spirituality and helps them “connect the dots” between spirituality, clean eating and living, meditation and a balanced life. Peter has studied with several leading teachers in these areas, and it is his great joy to pass this knowledge to you.


Coaching is not required in order to be a client of the Real Medicine program, but it is strongly recommended, to expedite and enhance your results. Thank you for your interest in nutritional evaluation, holistic wellness, and Biofeedback with quantum Reflex Analysis. CONTACT US TODAY to get started!


All testing, treatments and services are provided by a licensed healthcare practitioner. Products and nutritional guidance are offered through the Boynton Beach facility.