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Comprehensive health testing to expose your body’s needs and weaknesses using Quantum Reflex Analysis and Applied Kinesiology – Serving Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and the West Palm Beach area

Quantum Reflex Analysis is a bio-communication technique that allows your body to talk to you! Real Medicine uses this highly effective method of testing your body’s key organs and glands to analyze their energy / output levels. This incredible testing gives us a wealth of information to form your best, permanent “good health plan”. No more grasping at straws or randomly trying various treatments!

People who experience QRA are amazed by the results. At Real Medicine, we can almost GUARANTEE that you’ll notice more energy and reduction in health symptoms after just two sessions at our facility. Of course, individual results vary but we have seen the vast majority of our clients experience significant improvement in health conditions and overall health once they implement the healthcare plan that these tests will reveal.

QRA is a quick, and accurate testing system that helps clients deal with many different ailments. It uses Applied Kinesiology* to test all the primary organs and systems of your body, including your glands. When you think about it, how can doctors make recommendations for you WITHOUT this knowledge? This testing is INVALUABLE.

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All testing, treatments and services are provided by a licensed healthcare practitioner. Products and nutritional guidance are offered through the Boynton Beach facility.